Who are we?

is a program dedicated to developing skills and building the capacity of emerging women filmmakers on the African continent.

This program was developed to provide solutions to the lack of partnerships and the lack of training faced by French-speaking African cinema. The program would allow young women filmmakers to develop new skills and meet new professional people. Each year, 10 young African women filmmakers, carriers of thematic projects are trained and put in contact with professionals for the production of the best short film projects chosen at the end of a pitch proposed and retained by the members of the jury. These short films will then be distributed in African and international film festivals and then broadcast to the populations of cities and rural areas of the African countries that have taken part in the program.

The program takes place in Abidjan, over a period of twelve (12) months online and face-to-face.

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Let us move forward in this vision fortified by the conviction that those who work in the service of a great and good cause will never waver.

Our vision

To be a reference program in Africa dedicated to the development of African cinema skills.

Our mission

Train 10 emerging African women filmmakers every year,

Find and connect 10 mentors with the 10 women beneficiaries of the program,

 Produce and distribute the films of the beneficiaries,

Our goals


Facilitate access to training for emerging women filmmakers from Francophone Africa.


Promote cultural exchange between African countries through cinema;


Promote South-South and North-South co-productions.

Our team

Rita Ambeu

Project management

Fahren Ouattara

Program Coordinator

Mory Sangaré

Communication Manager

Neves Niamke

Pitch coordinator

Sadia Lawani

Training coordinator

Lisa Ettien

Welcome and reservation

Nelly Gnahore

Public relations