is an incubator created for skills development and capacity building of emerging female filmmakers from Africa.

This program has been developed to provide solutions to the lack of partnerships and training opportunities faced by the French African cinema. The program would allow young female filmmakers to develop new skills, get access to mentorship and networks.

Each year, 10 upcoming African female filmmakers, with a project are trained, mentored, and connected to producers for the production of the best short film projects chosen by a panel of judges after a pitch contest.

These short films will then be distributed in African and international film festivals and then screen to people in cities and rural areas of the African countries that took part in the program.

This program takes place in Abidjan online and in person over a period of sixteen (16) months.

Our vision

To be a reference programme in Africa dedicated to the skills development  of African female filmmakers.

Our mission

Train every year 10 emerging African female filmmakers

Find and connect 10 mentors with the 10  beneficiaries of the program,

 Produce and distribute the films of the beneficiaries,

Our objectives


Facilitate access to training to emerging female filmmakers from Francophone Africa.


Promote cultural exchange between African countries through cinema;


Promote South-South and North-South co-productions.

Our three main steps

Call for project

Traning and networking

Production & distribution

Our activities